Thomas K. Wolf, LLC specializes in representing creditor clients in the excercise of their valuable creditor's rights, creditor's bankruptcy rights, contract rights, construction and condominium/home owner lien rights and personal property and real property security rights.  Over the years we have established long-standing relationships with clients, providing on-going litigation services and in-depth consultation that frequently goes beyond litigation, arbitration and mediation. We routinely provide expert help to our clients in drafting contracts, material supplier credit applications, guarantees, security agreements and trust deeds, liens and perfection documents and we assist in routine and complex workouts and settlements. 

We routinely collect Oregon judgments and foreign judgments registered in Oregon with extensive experience with Oregon's procedures for foreclosure, execution, replevin, and garnishments.

In the event a creditor's matter finds its way into bankruptcy court, we are very experienced in that forum in protecting our clients' rights in chapter 7, 13 and 11 matters, including the filing of routine relief from stay motions, adversary complaints for fraud and other bad acts of debtors and objections to disclosure statements and plans of reorganizations and in negotiations regarding the same. There are many protections for creditors in bankruptcy and we study to know them and we zealously represent our creditor clients before the Bankruptcy Court to insure their many rights are safeguarded.